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This is the place for all characters from gaming and pop culture.

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We are here to make sure all information on the characters represented in pop culture are accurate and consistent.


You do not know deh way

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Fox McCloud

Rusty Syringe

Captain John Price

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Kemp of Booty

Mordecai as Nikoli's heli

Mojang and his spaghetti 

Frankie as palpatine

Fire lord cage 

peter as andross

frank jong-il

, man-uel labor/, man-uel (mexican)

APUSH memes


Gaybe Tony

Indiana Shyam and Kingdom of the Crystal Processor

Indiana Shyam and the last motherboard

Indiana Shyam and the temple run of Nvidia

Indiana Shyam and the raiders of the lost Ram

Gabefinger "Everything he touches, turns to sales!"